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What is the Edge Foundation?

The Edge Foundation is an independent education charity. It is dedicated to raising the status of technical and professional learning.

All young people should have the opportunity to achieve their potential and the UK’s future workforce needs to be equipped with the skills to be successful in the global digital economy. Edge believes that technical and professional education should be valued equally with academic education and that all learners should experience a mix of both. There are many paths to success.

What does Edge campaign for?

Edge campaigns for a broader curriculum and approach that recognise technical, practical and professional learning as a pathway to successful careers and skilled, rounded and resilient citizens.

What is Edge’s vision of what the education system should look like?

Edge believes that the current system places a disproportionate value on academic education. We think that throughout their schooling all young people should benefit from high quality impartial careers guidance and profound employer engagement. From the age of 14, we think that every young person should have the opportunity to study technical and creative subjects, culminating in a broad baccalaureate recognising all of their achievements. We think that higher technical and professional education, including Degree Apprenticeships, should be valued equally with Higher Education.

What does Edge do to bring this about?

The Edge Foundation works towards this goal by:

•    Commissioning and publishing research, helping to develop a richer evidence base.
•    Supporting new kinds of institutions, like UTCs, Studio Schools and career colleges.
•    Establishing and supporting innovation and best practice in projects around the country.
•    Working intensively in localities to embed and showcase excellent technical and professional education.
•    Showing and sharing evidence and effective practice with practitioners and leading thinkers.
•    Communicating the importance of technical and professional education.

How is Edge funded?

In May 2003 the examinations organisation, Edexcel, was sold to Pearson plc. The money went to a holding charity, the Edexcel Foundation. The trustees decided it should promote practical and vocational learning and in May 2004 it was officially renamed the Edge Foundation. As such, we are entirely independent.

Does Edge give out grants?

Edge has three grant funding rounds planned.  These will take place in the autumn of 2016, 2018 and 2020.  Funding rounds and funding criteria will be published on the website as the rounds open.

Outside of these advertised funding rounds, Edge does not fund unsolicited approaches.

How can I contact Edge?

Edge Foundation
4 Millbank

T: 020 7960 1540
F: 020 7960 1557

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For press enquiries, comment and/or spokespeople, email Jayne Phenton or call 020 7960 1546