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  • We celebrate success and showcase vocational excellence

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  • Read Edge’s Six Steps for Change to find out our views on the education and training system

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  • Edge is an independent education foundation, dedicated to raising the status of practical and vocational learning.

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  • We work with policy-makers and opinion-formers so that we can take our message to the people who make the decisions

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  • Working with a number of organisations who share our belief in the importance of technical, practical & vocational learning is important to us

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Partner Updates

  • Future First

    Future First has been building alumni communities in state schools in the UK for five years now. This report focuses on the role of alumni in supporting the transition from school to work.

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  • Edge Hotel School

    The Edge Foundation is delighted to announce that three £3,000 scholarships have been awarded to three students who started at the Edge Hotel School in September 2013.

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Policy work

Six Steps for Change

  • Edge wants an education and training system which:

    • helps young people find out what they're good at and what they enjoy doing
    • rewards and recognises individual success in all its forms, not just in exams
    • helps people choose paths that support their talents and ambitions
    • shows how education creates the knowledge, skills and talents needed by the UK economy
  • Step 1: Recognise that there are many talents and paths to success

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  • Step 2: Ensure that "learning by doing" is valued equally with academic learning

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  • Step 3: Provide technical, practical and vocational learning as an integral and valued part of every young person's education and as a recognised route to success

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  • Step 4: From the age of 14, give young people a choice of learning experiences and pathways based on their motivation, talents and career aspirations

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  • Step 5: Ensure that the technical, practical and vocational education and qualifications offered in schools, FE and HE are high quality and recognised by employers

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  • Step 6: Ensure all young people, whatever their different abilities and interests, leave the system with confidence, ambition and the skills to succeed and the skills the economy needs

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