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Edge comments on The V&A museums plans to revive design skills

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London is launching a schools project to fill the gap in creating a new generation of designers. 

The current EBacc is leaving some students with little to no choice. For those who will only be entered for six or seven GCSEs, they are limited to the core academic EBacc subjects; there is no room for any creative or technical subjects.

Alice Barnard, chief executive of the Edge Foundation, backed the project’s support for “creative and technical innovation”.

“These skills are becoming increasingly important as the creative sector of the economy grows rapidly,” she said.

The museum wants to revive interest in its specialist areas of art and design which are slowly being abolished due to the current EBacc.

The Edge Foundation’s New Baccalaureate proposes to retain the important academic core but create space in the curriculum for all young people to study technical and creative subjects that will give them the breadth of skills and knowledge they need for exciting jobs in our economy as technology develops.

The V&A recognises that creative skills are increasingly important to industry and local economies. Help us ensure that all young people have an opportunity to develop their creative skills and be equipped for 21st century jobs. Support our campaign for .

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