Edge welcomes Education Select Committee report on EBCs

GCSEs are widely recognised by young people, parents and employers. New names will introduce unnecessary confusion, especially among employers. Rather than introduce EBCs, the government should - in the short term - ensure that GCSEs and technical/vocational qualifications are rigorous and reliable. 

In the longer term, the Government should conduct a proper review of 14-18 qualifications similar to the review led by Huw Evans on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government. This will give us the chance to examine good practice around the world. In Ontario, for example, students gain credits in a blend of general and specialist subjects over the four years from 14 to 18, leading to a high-school graduation diploma at 18+. This would be a good starting point for a coherent 14-18 curriculum inEngland.

Including Computer Science into the Ebacc is a welcome development. However the Edge Foundation would like to see a wider range of technical, practical and vocational subjects included - such as engineering - to ensure that young people have a wide choice of learning experiences available to them.

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