Edge Academies

The Edge-sponsored academies in Bulwell, Milton Keynes and Madeley demonstrate the benefits of technical, practical and vocational learning

Two Edge Academies opened in 2009, one in Nottingham, Bulwell Academy, the other in Milton Keynes. Both offer a curriculum which exemplifies the Edge Foundation's mission of many paths to success. The curriculum integrates the academic and the practical with business and enterprise being a core ingredient. Each academy is in a brand new building designed to allow different types of teaching and learning to go on. They offer high-quality work experience and mentoring in real businesses.

Thomas Telford School is now a co-sponsor of Bulwell Academy together with the Edge Foundation.  

Edge is also a co-sponsor of Madeley Academy in Telford, one of the Thomas Telford family of schools. This has an excellent vocational skills centre with industry standard equipment in health and beauty, catering, horticulture and construction.  All subjects are taught by people with substantial experience of working in the relevant industry. 

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