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As an independent research organisation, Edge chairs a range of different research networks across our area of interest. Each of these brings together relevant researchers, policy makers and practitioners to make links, share practice and develop joint work.

The list below tells you more about each of our networks and provides a contact email address if you would like further information or would like to join the group.

Research Review Group (RRG)

The RRG brings together more than forty leading academics, researchers, policy makers and foundations looking at educational provision that enables progression into the labour market. This includes themes such as 14-19 education, careers guidance, apprenticeships and employer engagement in schools. This Group is jointly chaired by Edge and Education & Employers.

Contact: Olly Newton (

Early Career Researchers Network

This network provides support for PhD students and early career researchers working on research in Edge’s areas of interest. The group meets regularly to make links between research projects and provide opportunities for researchers to discuss topical issues and practice presentations. We also provide bursaries for early career researchers to present at conferences – you can find out more here.

Contact: Andrea Laczik (

Skills Shortages Analysis Group

This network brings together the leading organisations and academics with data and expertise on assessing the size and shape of skills shortages within the UK economy. This group of experts supports the development of our regular Skills Shortage Bulletins. You can read the Bulletins here.  

Contact: Olly Newton (

Vocational Philosophy Research Network

Edge is leading work to consider and debate the first principles of English vocational education, supported by this group of experts. We are publishing a series of reports asking key questions about the philosophy of English vocational education and hosting seminars to discuss these. You can read our reports here.

Contact: Olly Newton (

Project Based Learning International Champions Network

This network brings together many of the world’s leading models of innovative curriculum development, including through project based and experiential learning. Projects in the network come from England, the wider UK, Europe and the US. The group meets virtually to share effective practice and champion more relevant and exciting curriculum delivery.

Contact: Helen Beardmore (

Innovative Higher Education Network

In Our Plan for Higher Education we set out the importance of highly effective links between Higher Education Institutions and employers. This network brings together leading HE institutions running innovative provision that links university directly to the world of work.

Contact: Kat Emms (

Island Education Network

This network brings together colleagues leading educational transformation in an island setting to discuss different approaches and some of the unique challenges that they face. This currently includes representatives from Jersey, Guernsey, the Western Isles of Scotland, the Isle of Man and the British Virgin Islands.

Contact: Olly Newton (

UK Policy Learning Network

This network brings together all those with an interest in staying up to date with further education and skills policies across the UK, drawing on updates and new practice from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It grew out of the report FE and Skills Across the Four Countries of the UK which you can read here.

Contact: Olly Newton (