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International Research Conference

Edge organises a biennial Research Conference with the Education and Employers Taskforce. The 5th International Conference on Employer Engagement in Education and Training will take place over two days in summer 2018. 

Social Mobiity, industrial and skills strageies, post-Brexit: What role can employer engagement and technical education play?

This two-day event will focus on employer engagement in education and training and how it relates to the Government’s plans for social mobility improvement, the implementation of its Industrial Strategy and improving the flow of skills into the labour market post Brexit. 

The 2018 conference will bring together leading reserachers, practitioners and policy makers from around the world, to present recent research and dsicuss employere engagement in education, policy development and delivery and provide a platform to influence government’s commitment to innovative polcy and leadership in the field.

Further information will be posted here once it is available.