Step 2

Ensure that "learning by doing" is valued equally with academic learning

Policy: politicians must give equal status to academic, technical, practical and vocational learning.

Practice: education and training should combine learning by listening, reading and writing with learning by making and doing.

Perception: we need to recognise success in all its forms, so that academic and vocational success come to be valued equally.

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I have noticed within educational circles , especially complusory education that there seems to be an attittudes towards a 'push ' to get students , who attain A - C high GCSE to carry on with academic subjects and leave the students with lower attained GCSEs to vocational qualifications . I wonder if the reason is because many teachers have gone down the path of A levels then degree? I believe this gives a learner a narrower raod to choose from. Who is to blame for this misconception, Educationlists ? academics or the Government