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Zoe Rowlinson

Zoe sailed through school, she did well in all her academic subjects and achieved good grades in her GCSEs, however, when it came to the next step she decided it was time to pursue her passion for art and she wanted to do that hands on, not through A-levels. A week’s work experience at a florist was it all it took to make up her mind and with her family’s support she enrolled at Morton Morrell College.

Zoe never looked back. Training all the way up to HND level Zoe knew she had found her calling and even represented the UK at EuroSkills 2014. She currently works for Fabulous Flowers, a premier florist in Oxford where she works on over 90 bespoke weddings a year at some of the county’s most prestigious venues. 

“I was lucky to be encouraged by my family into pursuing my passion as they all have vocational backgrounds themselves but for those who are unaware of the alternatives to A levels and university it can be really daunting to step out into the unknown. This is why I think Career Footsteps is such a good idea as it means that young people are encouraged to think beyond the traditional academic route and pick a path that is right for them.”

Photo: Richard Cave