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Fabulous Eduardo Paolozzi drawings perfect blend of and
// Fri 23 Mar 1:55PM
Are HE students getting good value for money? Hear what said to the
// Fri 23 Mar 12:40PM
Apply to receive between £30k and £100k in the Edge Grant Fund which has a total of £1m to award
// Fri 23 Mar 10:37AM
Great to see showcasing National College for Nuclear supported by Edge Grant Fund - appli…
// Thu 22 Mar 1:13PM
RT : 'The educationalist Bill Lucas has written that a focus on STEM subjects at school is not sufficient for would be e…
// Thu 22 Mar 1:07PM
// Thu 22 Mar 11:14AM
Come see us at stand 33 Ashton Gate Stadium to sign up a free event for your school…
// Thu 22 Mar 10:09AM
RT : Our children confidently stood up in UK Parliament to fight for the Arts in education. They want a broad curriculum…
// Thu 22 Mar 10:02AM
The Edge Grant Fund 2018/19 is open! The fund has a total of one million pounds to award. Applications are welcomed…
// Thu 22 Mar 9:57AM
RT : Consultation on post-18 education opened today and will close on 2 May
// Wed 21 Mar 1:43PM
RT : Good luck to all the UTC teams competing in the Engineering challenge today, looking forward to seeing a…
// Wed 21 Mar 11:54AM
RT : Fantastic to see colleagues in Australia embracing one of the world leadin…
// Wed 21 Mar 6:30AM
A big thank you for hosting us today - fascinating insight into project based learning and an absolute in…
// Tue 20 Mar 6:56PM
RT : Anne Milton announces FE funding review via
// Mon 19 Mar 9:59PM
RT : 'In her acceptance speech, she said schools should be "safe havens" and called for greater recognition for the valu…
// Mon 19 Mar 11:53AM
Congratulations on winning global best teacher prize and showing subjects and…
// Mon 19 Mar 9:58AM
RT : Hear what Fred has to say... Start your journey in Hospitality! Visit: for more…
// Sun 18 Mar 1:36PM
RT : 'A GCSE grade is a terrible way to measure whether a pupil is making this kind of progress during a course; it is o…
// Sun 18 Mar 1:33PM
Maitre d’ backs campaign to get young people into
// Fri 16 Mar 4:28PM
RT : . has written to the on degree apprenticeships
// Fri 16 Mar 3:46PM