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RT : "apprenticeships work really well for many young people, who never look back once having started." via
// Wed 23 Aug 10:49AM
Great letter from in today 'placing creativity on a par with literacy and numeracy'
// Wed 23 Aug 9:33AM
RT : Lord Baker - with RPA "more and more people to question the necessity of GCSEs" via
// Wed 23 Aug 9:24AM
RT : Quite right - L5 Apprenticeships outperform degrees in terms of returns
// Wed 23 Aug 9:24AM
Why we should scrap the exam cliff-edge at 16 in our latest report
// Wed 23 Aug 7:02AM
Comment on report which says working class girls' prospects not enhanced studying & care
// Tue 22 Aug 12:31PM
RT : A-levels not only option - meet left school at 16 prize winner
// Tue 22 Aug 12:10PM
A-levels not only option - meet left school at 16 prize winner
// Tue 22 Aug 11:11AM
RT : Absolutely Lesley. As we said in our report, Tomlinson's proposals are even more relevant today. Let's make…
// Tue 22 Aug 9:12AM
A-levels are not the only route to a successful and rewarding
// Tue 22 Aug 7:49AM
Great letter Dr Rhys Morgan today value of balanced our report…
// Mon 21 Aug 11:51AM
Great piece on reform - read our latest report…
// Mon 21 Aug 11:34AM
Take heart! employers rate relevant work experience critical (24%) or significant (41%) factor above qualifications
// Mon 21 Aug 11:04AM
Great view on v our plan for holistic coherent education…
// Mon 21 Aug 10:50AM
Two-year-olds should learn to code, says computing pioneer
// Mon 21 Aug 8:51AM
RT : Modern are a genuine alternative to higher education:
// Fri 18 Aug 3:02PM
Dexter's latest blog is live on the website, this week he talks about and
// Fri 18 Aug 11:41AM
RT : Many university students have been sold a pup, writes . They should have done an
// Fri 18 Aug 10:37AM
RT : Some of our top performing boys all with BTECs, going off to University to study creative industry courses…
// Fri 18 Aug 10:02AM
RT : What if I don't want to go to university? Euan Blair & Sophie Adelman explore the alternatives
// Thu 17 Aug 1:42PM