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The original Tetris released in 1984 is the highest selling game; selling 495 million copies.
// Thu 23 Mar 11:14AM
Students at say ‘It’s given me the confidence to make decisions’
// Wed 22 Mar 12:52PM
report notes need for school/employer engagement to meet local labour market need and…
// Wed 22 Mar 11:48AM
42% staff in schools in deprived areas say they don't offer enough work experience placements
// Wed 22 Mar 10:48AM
We'll second that! Follow Dexter on his journey to a qualification
// Wed 22 Mar 10:10AM
Read blog on Academies and benefit of employer engagement for disadvantaged youngster…
// Wed 22 Mar 9:41AM
In October 1958, Physicist William Higinbotham created what is thought to be the first video game
// Wed 22 Mar 9:12AM
Good luck to the amazing supporter of good causes including
// Tue 21 Mar 5:14PM
A staggering 95% of Game programmers are male and 47% of people in the industury believe there is no equality
// Tue 21 Mar 4:07PM
It's week two for our - read Dexter's next installment
// Tue 21 Mar 12:22PM
RT : I'm delivering two apprenticeship funding rules & system events in April. Tell your colleagues, friends & family
// Tue 21 Mar 12:15PM
Is limiting opportunity for or subjects for low attainers?
// Tue 21 Mar 9:23AM
RT : Amazing 3 days in Nashville visiting schools & meeting inspirational educationalists Lots of new ideas to bring fr…
// Mon 20 Mar 8:02PM
RT : With we're running the programme for primary and secondary schools. Find out more…
// Mon 20 Mar 8:02PM
// Fri 17 Mar 2:20PM
Our Dexter sums up his week in his latest blog
// Fri 17 Mar 1:58PM
Good to see more positive attitude to the great work the FE sector does - could 14-19 phase address resits issue?…
// Fri 17 Mar 10:41AM
Hair is made up of keratin, the same protein hooves, claws, feathers, and beaks are made of
// Fri 17 Mar 9:05AM