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Invest in colleges to build the workforce of tomorrow. We support AoC's proposals
// Wed 22 Feb 6:00PM
RT : Meet Andrew, a veterinary technician at the very top of his field:
// Wed 22 Feb 2:30PM
offers all young people the chance to develop a range of skills - add your voice to our call
// Wed 22 Feb 2:29PM
In 535BC, Thespis became the world's first when he recited poetry in character
// Wed 22 Feb 8:35AM
RT : Brilliant discussion NeilCarmichael & Ian Wright Select Cmttee chairs
// Wed 22 Feb 8:28AM
RT : Really looking forward to attending TESfe awards on good luck to on being shortlisted for 3 awards
// Tue 21 Feb 10:48PM
From York College to the West End with BBC and Sky in between, meet Taj Atwal
// Tue 21 Feb 12:32PM
Don't forget to nominate for Awards
// Tue 21 Feb 12:24PM
RT : Some excellent snaps being taken of and at the Network launch at…
// Tue 21 Feb 11:01AM
It's the on Friday and we're very excited! Will we see you there?
// Tue 21 Feb 9:56AM
“• Your editorial rightly highlights the disparity in status between “academic” and “vocational” education, but fa…”
// Tue 21 Feb 8:37AM
on value of technical education and need for 21c skills letters today
// Tue 21 Feb 8:35AM
RT : An "academic" education is all very well but it won't encourage those with talents that we really need. Technical s…
// Tue 21 Feb 7:50AM
The neglectful bias against vocational training | Letters | Education | The Guardian
// Tue 21 Feb 6:11AM
RT : Emily Hicks was chosen by HRH Princess Anne for our Patron’s Award 2016. Read her story in
// Mon 20 Feb 4:13PM
at are putting down roots for their future careers...
// Mon 20 Feb 12:33PM
RT : Lord Baker in defence of UTCs, citing examples of successes in
// Mon 20 Feb 12:25PM
Shakespeare wrote 37 plays,154 sonnets and was also an established (and his d…
// Mon 20 Feb 11:05AM
RT : Excellent Alumni event yesterday Thank you
// Sun 19 Feb 10:06PM
We need a broader baccalaureate and agrees with us
// Fri 17 Feb 5:54PM