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RT : 'As a country, we are wasting talent on an industrial scale,' - on social mobility
// Sat 16 Dec 8:42AM
Edge is delighted to be sponsoring the FE award for Employer Engagement. Good Luck to all of those on the shor…
// Fri 15 Dec 3:07PM
RT : TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE: 5th International Conference on Employer Engagement in Education and Training, 5th-6th July…
// Wed 13 Dec 12:44PM
RT : Jonathan Jones's top 10 art exhibitions of 2017
// Wed 13 Dec 11:01AM
RT : For some women, the streets are safer than their own home | Kate Moss
// Wed 13 Dec 10:57AM
RT : Plan on wearing a festive knit on Christmas day? 🎅🧥 A like Jane may have helped bring your jazzy knit d…
// Wed 13 Dec 10:54AM
RT : Breaking: Annual Ofsted report warns no provider too big to fail via
// Wed 13 Dec 10:52AM
Best working hand in glove with local employers to meet needs says
// Wed 13 Dec 10:27AM
Without investment quality and will continue to decline says
// Wed 13 Dec 10:17AM
Head of says there is culture of disadvantage one-up-manship in many
// Wed 13 Dec 10:13AM
RT : New report, undertaken by the Academy and , finds students at are 'work-ready':
// Wed 13 Dec 10:07AM
RT : UTCs have struggled with recruitment and financial issues, but students leave them 'work ready', report finds
// Wed 13 Dec 10:06AM
RT : Pledge allegiance to get band! @hsg so lucky to have talented actors + singers
// Wed 13 Dec 9:59AM
RT : UTCs create 'well-rounded, work-ready students', says
// Wed 13 Dec 9:58AM
RT : On the way in to tonight saw this at station & discussions by the panel echoed this se…
// Wed 13 Dec 9:58AM
RT : The new report, published today, on behalf of & , evaluates the UTC model to inform sector-wide…
// Tue 12 Dec 3:52PM
RT : Employers have described learners at UTCs as 'young professionals ready for work' in report
// Tue 12 Dec 3:26PM
Students at UTCs are 'work-ready' says report which was undertaken by and commissioned with
// Tue 12 Dec 12:44PM
RT : Interim report & evaluation of UTCs by for & reveals many students make significant pro…
// Tue 12 Dec 12:24PM