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‘We often tend to look abroad for solutions and ideas, but lots of good work is happening on the doorstep which we…
// Fri 21 Sep 2:39PM
RT : It was great to have the opportunity yesterday to take part in The Edge Foundations's Project Showcase in London ta…
// Fri 21 Sep 2:06PM
The four nations of the UK have much to learn from each other when it comes to FE, says a report published today
// Fri 21 Sep 11:24AM
RT : Blackburn College were delighted to be supporting the Edge Project Showcase yesterday in London sharing some of our…
// Fri 21 Sep 10:11AM
You’re welcome - thank you so much for coming.
// Thu 20 Sep 6:03PM
RT : Brilliant event in London today, thank you for the invitation. Brilliant to hear from Lord Baker and HRH Du…
// Thu 20 Sep 4:43PM
A huge thank you to all the fabulous projects at our showcase event today
// Thu 20 Sep 4:42PM
Thank you so much for coming and sharing the fabulous work you’re doing.
// Thu 20 Sep 3:26PM
Thank you so much for coming - a joy to see so many great projects doing brilliant work to ensure young people have…
// Thu 20 Sep 3:25PM
Thanks Ken - we’d be delighted to speak on
// Thu 20 Sep 2:18PM
RT : Some great conversations taking place at the Edge Project Showcase roundtables
// Thu 20 Sep 2:17PM
Some great conversations taking place at the Edge Project Showcase roundtables
// Thu 20 Sep 1:27PM
The Edge project showcase has been a great success so far. HRH Duke of Kent thoroughly enjoyed seeing some of Edge’…
// Thu 20 Sep 1:16PM
We have coffee and buns to restore your equilibrium Gwyn! See you later.
// Thu 20 Sep 10:08AM
Ofsted has promised to give the curriculum “greater coverage” in new framework after admitting inspectors have plac…
// Wed 19 Sep 10:45AM
RT : Excellent discussion on R4 about progress 8 - 28% of middle class parents understand it and just 8% of working clas…
// Wed 19 Sep 10:31AM
The Labour Party has announced it will tackle the scandal of “off-rolling” by making sure schools remain accountabl…
// Wed 19 Sep 10:09AM
RT : This is dynamite for the education system - ‘School inspectors have put too much weight on tests and exam results w…
// Wed 19 Sep 9:10AM