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Schools can use our free online toolkit to develop and deepen partnerships with employers
// Sun 30 Apr 1:00PM
Our policy call is for
// Sat 29 Apr 12:30PM
This week Dexter talks about rising university fees and the university myth Tony Blair created
// Fri 28 Apr 4:47PM
Following last months visit to Assistant Headteacher at The King Edward VI School wrote about her day
// Fri 28 Apr 12:07PM
Choreographer didn't start dance until 22 he is now award winning and seen as one of the greats in h…
// Fri 28 Apr 10:55AM
RT : clears the final hurdle in – days before Parliament is dissolved
// Thu 27 Apr 3:07PM
RT : Technical and Bill clears final hurdle before royal assent - what does it mean for the sector?
// Thu 27 Apr 2:47PM
Would love to, send us a DM and we can arrange this.
// Thu 27 Apr 12:48PM
Dancers usually teach or choreograph as well as dancing, most learn in a studio, as a degree isn't essential…
// Thu 27 Apr 11:11AM
Great article report role of for and critical skills needed for post…
// Thu 27 Apr 11:08AM
Delighted a champion for will be leading Congratulations from the team at
// Thu 27 Apr 10:27AM
RT : Shakira Martin absolutely the best person to lead NUS atm. Time for FE and apprenticeships to get spotlight they deserve too
// Thu 27 Apr 10:25AM
RT : Looking forward lecture tonight by Olly Newton
// Thu 27 Apr 9:30AM
// Wed 26 Apr 7:16PM
Lord Baker says creative subjects are being squeezed out the curriculum to to the E-Bacc
// Wed 26 Apr 3:37PM
Read Dexter's blog on
// Wed 26 Apr 2:59PM
RT : Visited yet another school which identified the curriculum as causing white working class to disengage even more.
// Tue 25 Apr 9:52PM
RT : Schools should be part academic part vocational to meet all needs. Curriculum needs to be updated. So outdated
// Tue 25 Apr 9:51PM
Does Dexter's new blog get your vote? This week Dexter talks
// Tue 25 Apr 4:24PM
RT : This week I4P explores with ’s Olly Newton. Book now:
// Tue 25 Apr 3:56PM