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Big thank you to all the volunteers taking part in today
// Thu 19 Oct 1:14PM
‘Automation will absorb all of the jobs it can reach, whether on the factory floor or in an office.’
// Thu 19 Oct 12:26PM
Great report by it would cost eq. to less than £13 per pupil for every state sec. school to have a trai…
// Thu 19 Oct 10:41AM
// Thu 19 Oct 8:58AM
RT : Only 9% of employees are women! aim to redress the balance
// Thu 19 Oct 8:55AM
RT : 186,000 people with skills will be needed annually until 2024
// Thu 19 Oct 8:55AM
RT : I’ve stayed there, it’s excellent and incredibly affordable.
// Wed 18 Oct 6:20PM
Hello - looking forward to visiting tomorrow
// Wed 18 Oct 5:39PM
// Wed 18 Oct 5:09PM
RT : This is great. has its own hotel, where it runs a two-year accelerated BA in hotel management, part-f…
// Wed 18 Oct 4:47PM
RT : Lord Baker: Access to technical education and should be available 'much earlier'
// Tue 17 Oct 4:05PM
RT : skills shortage in the North East over the next 5 years - can help to…
// Tue 17 Oct 8:20AM
RT : Strong evidence of need plus realistic solutions for careers and social mobility
// Tue 17 Oct 8:19AM
. and survey shows only 18% of disadvantaged students have access to work experience vs 44% of wealthier students
// Mon 16 Oct 10:44AM
All students should receive high quality and unbiased careers advice
// Mon 16 Oct 10:41AM
'Time to lead a new industrial revolution' - emerging technologies have huge potential for economic growth
// Mon 16 Oct 10:13AM
Read Dexter's latest blog -
// Fri 13 Oct 4:36PM
Do we need to do more in schools to help students feel prepared for a life that will inevitably be full of technolo…
// Fri 13 Oct 4:16PM