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RT : Skills Shortage: Finding the right person for the job costs UK plc £1.7 billion
// Mon 21 May 6:00PM
Last week Edge and held a Career Footsteps event at . Read our blog
// Mon 21 May 4:52PM
RT : .'s dedication to being more than 'just a school' won them the 2017 award for community impact,…
// Mon 21 May 4:12PM
RT : Could not agree more - I am that old that I did O levels and I definitely still have a love of learning - best thin…
// Mon 21 May 3:36PM
RT : How are kids going to cope with essay writing and research at university of all they're learning in rote memorizati…
// Mon 21 May 2:53PM
The Edge Foundation’s Our Plan for Higher Education, presented clear evidence that the decline in the value of the…
// Mon 21 May 2:41PM
"There is another significant difference between O-levels and the new GCSEs: not everybody had to take O-levels. In…
// Mon 21 May 2:31PM
RT : Preparation for the modern world ? The new exams aren't. They clearly aren't.
// Mon 21 May 2:25PM
RT : The principles didn't work 30 years ago. And they definitely don't work in 2018. C…
// Mon 21 May 2:25PM
You can still find Edge's blogs on our website
// Mon 21 May 11:04AM
. (90 mins in) talks about reforms, the stress of the new exams, mental health issues and th…
// Mon 21 May 11:03AM
RT : Two of our students who worked at the this weekend were on breakfast radio this morning - l…
// Mon 21 May 10:17AM
RT : Our students' royal experience is featured in
// Mon 21 May 10:04AM
Great article in by - "why are we returning to the educational principles of 30 years ago…
// Mon 21 May 9:47AM
Breakfast courtesy of PC McGarry - my favourite eggcup
// Sun 20 May 11:30AM
RT : 'The government wants 90% of GCSE pupils choosing the Ebacc subject combination by 2025. How many children and youn…
// Sun 20 May 11:28AM
// Fri 18 May 12:59PM
RT : Absolute pleasure to meet Ebony, Reece and Liam today doing with
// Fri 18 May 12:03PM
Delighted to meet apprentice Ebony building a great career as a gas engineer
// Fri 18 May 11:58AM