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Goodnight Newcastle!! Delighted to welcome delegates, guests and friends to the Edge International Education Summit…
// Wed 26 Jun 10:54PM
RT : Today I am in sunny Newcastle and the sun is shining ahead of ⁦⁩ International education summit tomorrow lov…
// Wed 26 Jun 10:29PM
So glad you could join us Bob!
// Wed 26 Jun 10:29PM
Tomorrow we are here for our summit bringing together some of best teaching practice in the world…
// Wed 26 Jun 8:54PM
Arriving for Edge summit ⁦⁩ very excited!
// Wed 26 Jun 2:58PM
RT : "Today’s been really informative, we found out so much more about the career paths for our kids," - here's a taster…
// Wed 26 Jun 1:24PM
RT : 5...4...3...2...1...and we're live! Watch the show here Don't forget to fire us your questi…
// Wed 26 Jun 1:23PM
We can't wait to see you Charlotte! Safe travels🛫😆
// Wed 26 Jun 12:16PM
Make sure you submit your application for the Edge Award for Excellence in Real World Learning at the 2019/20…
// Wed 26 Jun 12:12PM
. & have found that a tiny cohort of privately educated, continue to hold top jobs in pol…
// Wed 26 Jun 12:03PM
. headteacher, Alison Jacob, highlights the advantages of project-based homework. An report,…
// Mon 24 Jun 10:33AM
RT : Attending International Education Summit? Be sure to connect with and ! They'll be atte…
// Sun 23 Jun 4:36PM
If you couldn’t get to inspirational get the excellent book launched here by
// Thu 20 Jun 3:24PM
RT : Foundation. Olly Newton presenting macro vision of education change
// Thu 20 Jun 3:15PM
Incredibly articulate and confident students on covering GCSE standards through expeditions
// Thu 20 Jun 10:27AM
Students talk about their project on and says their service users LOVE LOVE LOVE the…
// Thu 20 Jun 9:42AM
Creativity, innovation and fantastic design graduate shows - absolute inspiration - the raincoat that bec…
// Wed 19 Jun 2:23PM
Looking forward to at the fabulous tomorrow
// Wed 19 Jun 8:36AM
RT : Inspired and motivated after a great visit to , hearing more about expansion of and expl…
// Tue 18 Jun 4:41PM