GCSE results 2017 show creative subjects are victims of EBacc


Responding to the publication of the 2017 GCSE results, Edge Chair, Lord Baker, commented:

‘I’m delighted for all the young people who’ve got the GCSE results they wanted, but these figures reveal the disturbing impact of the EBacc on creative and technical subjects. Many youngsters will have struggled with the wholly academic curriculum imposed on them and been denied the opportunity to shine in creative and technical subjects and benefit from a rounded education. Drama, film, music and the performing arts are the victims of the EBacc.

‘Entries in these subjects fallen below 500,000 for the first time – a reduction of 28 per cent since 2010. Hardest hit is Design and Technology where entries have fallen by 43 per cent over the same period.  These subjects teach the critical skills which our digital economy needs and employers are crying out for. It’s ludicrous that the Government stubbornly adheres to a curriculum designed in the 1900s while the number of young people taking computer related GCSEs has fallen by six per cent.’

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