Our Plan for Higher Education: Recent graduates concerned that degrees offer poor value for money

Edge’s latest policy report, Our Plan for Higher Education: Diverse, Employment-Focused and Value for Money, highlights the disparity between the perception that a university degree is automatically a passport to a well-paid career, and the reality that two out of five graduates are in jobs that don’t require a degree.

Edge is calling for a range of measures to broaden education opportunities, make access more equitable and ensure young people are equipped with the workplace skills for the 21st century digital, global economy.

Edge Chief Executive, Alice Barnard, commented:

‘This report shows that thousands of graduates feel that they have received poor value for money. All degrees are marketed as the passport to a good job, career progression and a high salary, but the disappointing reality for many is low-skilled employment and the burden of over £50,000 of debt. This hits young people from disadvantaged backgrounds particularly hard.’