Edge publishes a radical plan for 14-19 Education

Edge’s new policy publication, Our plan for 14-19 Education: Coherent, Unified, Holistic, is a landmark paper making the case for a coherent, unified and holistic phase of education to prepare 14-19 year olds for their future careers.

Edge brings together compelling international, historical, educational and economic evidence to support the need for a broad curriculum incorporating creative and technical education and recognising the achievements of all young people by the age of 19.

Chief Executive, Alice Barnard, commented:

‘By 2050 we will need more than three million additional skilled workers, but we have no strategy to give young people the skills they need for the real world. It’s not about ripping it all up and starting again, or about changing institutions, but we need to implement a broad and balanced curriculum which makes learning relevant to the work place and equips young people for their working and broader lives.’