A research work placement with Edge

My name is Andreea, I am a Year 13 student, studying biology, chemistry and mathematics. This summer I was lucky enough to secure a 3 week work placement at the Edge Foundation. Before I started I was nervous, I didn’t know what to expect or where this experience would lead me. The project I worked on for Edge was really interesting and very relevant to the current state of the world right now. I explored the Isle of Man, its economy, focussing on its education system and how it delivers vocational courses.

Throughout my research I had weekly meetings with my mentor Kat Emms. I had the opportunity to engage in one of the Edge’s professional online meetings which gave me an understanding of how researchers discuss their findings. I was also given the opportunity to be in charge of a semi-structured interview with an education provider from the Isle of Man.

I can honestly say that the whole work placement exceeded my expectations, not only did I learn how to write a structured report, how to do research, how to use different online tools for meetings, but also I developed personally. I gained confidence through meeting so many new amazing people. Being a part of the Edge team taught me how to be responsible, productive and how to present myself and my work.

For anyone thinking about undertaking a work placement I would say don’t hesitate and take it. You will be challenged, you will need to work hard but at the end of it you will feel fulfilled and have learned new things. You never know what new adventures and opportunities lie ahead unless you take the leap.

I am really thankful to my mentor Kat and to Edge for making my summer productive, for presenting me with new experiences, and for opening my eyes to the world of research.

By Andreea, Year 13 student at Mayfield School in Dagenham, studying biology, chemistry and mathematics

Andreea and Fatuma joined Edge as Nuffield interns to complete a three week placement, with the end product being a research report. Andreea investigated education and the economy on the Isle of Man, whilst Fatuma looked into the advantages and disadvantages of online learning. You can read their reports below.

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