Brooklyn Beckham's book release proves the barriers disadvantaged children face

Brooklyn Beckham - who you may know due to his father David Beckham - released his brand new book. Brooklyn’s book is a collection of photographs he’s taken whilst travelling and marks the beginning of his photography career.

I myself have an interest in photography and understand how challenging the industry can be to break into. To even stand a chance at publishing a book you would need to gain a huge following and have started to collect equipment worth thousands of pounds. Brooklyn’s book will leave thousands of photographers in a state of disbelief as they work tirelessly to break into the industry. Brooklyn’s book does include some wonderful photographs but conversely some of his work is of a very low standard. The overall response has been very negative and in all honesty it is understandable. However, aged 18, Brooklyn has done extremely well to pursue his dreams and make his break.

Nonetheless; how helpful has his and his family’s fame been? Brooklyn currently has more than 10 million Instagram followers giving him an enormous platform to share his work on and his wealth and fame gives him huge support from young fans across the globe who will claim to love his work regardless. 

Now don’t get me wrong,  I think it is great that Brooklyn isn’t relying solely on his family’s money and genuinely wants a career, but I just think it’s not fair on the people who may come from less privileged backgrounds and put in lots more graft to produce work of a higher quality. This disadvantage for less privileged people was made evident in the recent social mobility commission report – Time for change

The point I am getting at is that Brooklyn is dependent on his Dad’s success. Should people really become successful solely due to family and people they know? Another example of this are the Kardashians who now make their wealth through simply living a luxurious life and being filmed doing so. I don’t believe that they send out the right image to any young girl who now believes that this could be a way of life. At least Brooklyn is being a good role model in showing young people to pursue their dreams, be ambitious and work for what you want regardless because he could very easily not do anything.

However I always fear that the young, sometimes naïve generation I have been bought up in believe in what they see far too much. In a generation where social media has exploded, every young person is left dreaming of a life they see through Instagram. Role models have changed dramatically and unfortunately the stars today aren’t doing enough to guide their fans. 

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