Crew - at the heart of what we do

At the heart of XP and XP East schools - and indeed across the whole of the XP Trust - is Crew. 

Once a day Crew takes place from 8:30 to 9:15 am - which is a significant investment in the wellbeing of our students. It prepares them for the day.

A range of activities bring a different focus each day to Crew, from academic work to sports. Students often speak of it as being like family - a home from home. They have a voice and are supported and challenged. All of this happens through the guidance of their Crew leader, their trusted adult who they know and knows them.

So how does it all begin, how is Crew introduced - for students and staff - at the beginning of their journey together?

Since September last year we’ve been delighted to collaborate with one of our partners, the Edge Foundation on the creation of an inspiring film, which captures the ethos of Crew At XP and XP East.

We join 11 of our Year 7 students, their teachers and Crew leader on their Outward Bound expedition. In the next few days together they will become a ‘Crew’ who stay together for the next five years of their school life.

The film also looks at the impact and experience of Crew across all our Year Groups on individual students, parents, GCSE results and the confidence, character and integrity that develops from being part of Crew.

Crew is at the heart of how we XP - pastoral care, family, mentoring, a hub of teamwork, our students’ voice  - but truly greater than the sum of its parts.

We Are Crew… 

By Jamie Portman, Principal, XP East and XP School


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