Dexter reflects on a sad week for London

While the horrific events this week cast a darkness over London, the humanity and kindness of people shone a clear light showing how united and strong our capital can be.

The Edge office is in Westminster, so we were very close to the terrorist attacks which took place this week. It showed me the solidarity and kindness of everyone in our office, but everyone felt the chilling effects of the event. Walking around London in the days which followed, there remains a slight eeriness, but seeing the floral tributes left at the scene outside Parliament reminds you of the love and respect many people want to share.

On Monday I spent the day at a school in Stratford situated at the heart of the post-Olympic regeneration of London’s East End. School 21 is a pioneering school for girls and boys of all abilities and backgrounds. The school’s curriculum is based on the ethos of school work having a value independent of exams, which is meaningful and can make a difference to the world. They believe ‘today matters’; that children’s school work should have value in the here and now, and is not simply preparation for the future.

The day was very good and showed me that there are people out there pushing to improve children’s lives and education. The teachers were very passionate and believe that every child requires an individual personal approach which is reflected in the way they teach. They also place great value on real life work experience and making school work relevant to working life through projects. The school created the word ‘oracy’ because they believe speaking is just as important as reading and writing.

Back in the office and I am managing the social media campaign to promote Edge’s Career Footsteps initiative. We’re featuring a different profession each week sharing interesting facts about of careers which can be pursued through technical or practical education pathways. As part of my research this week, I learnt that games designers earn an average salary of £40k! 

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