Dexter updates us on his apprenticeship so far

This weekend marks three months since I started at Edge. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the organisation so far and have settled in well.

Now that I’m familiar with my daily routine, I am slowly picking up larger tasks - which I can’t wait to get started on. 

I have already met lots of interesting people from all backgrounds and these people have not only taught me a lot, but have also helped me to form my opinions. This is a major part of my apprenticeship as in my view starting work at a younger age encourages engagement with a larger, diverse group of people. Although this is not a formal part of the qualification, this is still learning ‘on the job’ and helps mould you into the person you are. 

The qualification is very important to me, however, I personally feel that enhancing my soft skills and other transferable skills is of a higher importance. Communication skills, presentation skills and many more will be required throughout life so I’m making this a priority.

During my time at Edge so far, I have gained a better basic knowledge of Microsoft software such as Excel, learnt a lot about politics and the education system. I have taken numerous trips out the office, including trips to the Fujitsu offices, London Olympia and, most recently, Nottingham City Homes.

This week’s trip to Nottingham City Homes was very interesting. In a city which has pockets of deprivation, high crime rates, rising unemployment and a growing housing crisis. Nottingham City Homes aims to minimise this problem, by not only maintaining council owned properties, but by building more council properties. Offering a high level of support to their tenants is a priority including helping families in financial difficulties and offering training and job opportunities with the company. There is lots of evidence which suggests that when people have secure homes and steady employment, crime rates fall and general health improves.  Nottingham City Homes’ Chief Executive, Nick Murphy, says, ‘the Right to Buy scheme, which enables council tenants to buy their homes, is taking properties out of the social housing market and finding funding to build new homes is a challenge.’ This is a huge problem as there is currently a waiting list of 5,500 families in the city needing a council home. It was great to see how passionate all the staff at Nottingham City Homes are and how much they obviously care about their tenants. 

Earlier this week my apprenticeship assessor was back in for my monthly check. She said my progress was good, and I submitted some more work. In return she gave me some new work to get started with. My work is getting much more practical now and it will be good to test my knowledge.

The first three months of my apprenticeship have gone extremely quickly and I can’t quite believe it has been this long already. I am excited to see what I can take from the rest of my apprenticeship. 

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