Edge comment on Economic Affairs Committee report

Today (11 June 2018), the Economic Affairs Committee has released the 2nd Report of Session 2017-19, entitled Treating Students Fairly: The Economics of Post-School Education.

Chief Executive of the Edge Foundation, Alice Barnard, commented:

‘This welcome report clearly highlights how the funding bias in our HE system has favoured universities at the expense of choice and opportunity for young people.  Edge wholeheartedly supports the Committee’s recommendations particularly the need to ensure school students are better informed of their options as part of a holistic careers guidance programme. 

‘Edge has long advocated for better co-operation between institutions, opportunities for part-time routes and flexible learning, opportunities at Level 4 and 5 and quality apprenticeships for youngsters at the start of their career, which would all help to dispel the snobbish, outmoded attitude to vocational learning, and move us toward greater social justice in higher education.’

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