Edge recommends radical rethink in response to government’s level 3 consultation

The Government has recently consulted on the future of Level 3 qualifications in light of the introduction of T-Levels. They are proposing to remove funding from other Level 3 qualifications, such as BTECs, in order to push providers into offering the new T-Levels. 

The Edge Foundation is concerned that applying the simplistic criteria set out in the consultation would restrict choice, remove qualifications that have significant economic value and employer support and reduce the opportunity for young people to combine a range of qualifications to suit their needs and interests. It would also have significant knock-on implications for other government priorities, such as productivity, parity of esteem and informed choice. 

Our response recommends that Government instead hold all qualifications to the same high standards, the four ‘key principles’, drawing on high quality insights about labour market relevance and other factors to remove funding on a case-by-case basis rather than with sweeping and simplistic rules.

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