Edge responds to Ofsted report on enterprise education in schools

Today (24 November 2016), Ofsted released a report on the availability and effectiveness of enterprise education and work-related learning entitled, Getting ready for work.

The report’s key findings include a varying level of priority for enterprise education amongst schools; a lack of assessment of impact; limited opportunities for meaningful work-related learning or work experience; involvement with local businesses often uncoordinated and reliant on individuals’ personal contacts; uneven promotion of apprenticeships.

Chief Executive of the Edge Foundation, Alice Barnard, commented:

‘This report bears out Edge’s own experience that many schools are struggling to deliver the work-related learning required to equip young people with the necessary skills to meet the needs of employers. Real world outcomes should be just as important as academic attainment, but the drivers set by the government, and Ofsted itself, mean exam results and EBacc subjects are being prioritised at the expense of preparing our youngsters for the world of work. This is robbing them of the opportunity to fulfil their potential and develop rewarding careers, including through technical and professional routes.

‘Giving schools the freedom to secure careers guidance is all very well, but there is dire need for schools to be given the tools and resources to engage with employers and ensure all young people have access to work experience and careers guidance, not just those who have the advantage of social capital.’



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