GCSE results say EBacc will fail children

Today’s results are a wake-up call for the Government and its misguided ambition for the vast majority of pupils to take the full suite of EBacc subjects. Entries for the practical and creative subjects excluded from the EBacc such as Design and Technology, art and music, are already falling, even though these equip young people with exactly the skills they need in a modern digitised economy.

‘The increase in entries in EBacc subjects like history and geography shows schools are responding, but grades in those subjects are falling. Meanwhile entries in languages like French have dropped dramatically - forcing more students to take them will squeeze out technical and creative subjects whilst switching young people off. Young people need a broad and balanced curriculum that recognises the value of everyone’s talents.’

Read David Harbourne’s article for Schools Week from July ‘Nick Gibb is wrong about modern foreign languages.’

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