Joe Minskip: ‘I never knew I wanted to train as a chef.’

Aged just 22, Joe Minskip is already well on his way in his career, just a year after graduating from the Edge Hotel School (EHS). Not knowing what he wanted to do after finishing his A levels, Joe trained as a chef at an FE college. 

‘I knew I’d found my niche. I surrounded myself with great people and this led me to the Edge Hotel School. It allowed me to develop my skills, explore the hospitality industry in greater depth and become a graduate.’

Joe feels that the practical experience of working at the Wivenhoe House Hotel (all students work at the hotel alongside their academic studies) has been invaluable in encouraging his self-development and enabling him to ‘step straight into industry.’

The EHS has the added attraction of being an accelerated course over two years not three.

‘I chose the EHS because it gave me an opportunity to complete a degree in a field I fell in love with, in only two years.’ 

Being able to develop practical, work-place skills has put Joe in good stead for the graduate scheme at independent hospitality provider, Baxter Storey, where he now works and says the most important thing he learned at the EHS is that ‘it’s ok to ask for help.’

From not knowing what he wanted to do, the EHS has helped Joe to move very quickly into a fast-lane career.

‘My experience was great. I really enjoyed the two years. It was tough, but well worth the effort.’

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