Laura takes centre stage in hotel industry

You might not immediately see any parallels between being a stuntwoman and working in a four-star hotel, but 20-year old Laura Vismara believes her previous performing experience is putting her in good stead for a career in hospitality.

Laura trained to be an actress and then a stuntwoman, but found that jobs were scarce and she was doing office work to fill in. Already fluent in four languages, Laura is now studying for a fifth to help her achieve her dream of travelling and working across the world in the hospitality industry.

‘There are several similarities between the theatre world and the hospitality world…from having a role to performing every night for a different audience.’

Laura chose to study at the Edge Hotel School because it offered her the opportunity to improve her practical skills which she felt she needed to work on.

‘I am used to the theoretical style of learning, the academic styles, but I have never been good with practice. That’s why I chose a school that gives me the possibility to do both and in safe environment to make mistakes in order to learn.’

Laura has worked on the reception and in the kitchen at Wivenhoe House so far. She says experiencing different aspects of the business is important to her to understand how hotels work and to give her the knowledge – and critically the experience – to take her straight into a job when she leaves. 

‘The things I learned in just two weeks of working in Wivenhoe House Hotel are unbelievable’, says Laura, but the most important thing she is learning at EHS? Confidence!

‘I am growing confident in my skills and I’m discovering that I can learn almost everything – it takes time, patience and a lot of practice, but I can do it!’

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