New report by RAEng says UK education system cannot produce enough engineers

The Royal Academy of Engineering’s latest report, Engineering Skills for the Future - the 2013 Perkins review revisited highlights that the UK education system cannot produce enough engineers to support the economy, especially with increasing reliance on home-grown talent post-Brexit.

Edge Chief Executive, Alice Barnard says,

‘It is heartening that efforts over the last five years – largely it should be said by the engineering sector – have pushed the issue of engineering skills shortages up the political agenda. However, it is clear from this follow-up report that concerns about how we develop these skills and aptitudes in young people in schools, particularly amongst girls and BAME children, still need to be addressed. Our narrow focused curriculum continues to drive down the numbers of students taking computing, Design and Technology and the creative subjects which foster innovation and problem-solving skills critical for our future engineers. Furthermore, the rote-learning culture not only disengages students from STEM subjects, but also teachers who continue to leave the profession in droves.

‘Creating a broad and balanced curriculum with real-world learning which engages students in all subjects, including maths and sciences, has to be key to ensuring a talent pipeline from the widest spectrum of society.’

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