Seeding Change – the environment as a context for learning

Wednesday 9th December 13:30-15:00

This year’s Edge lecture will investigate how educators are using the environment as a context for learning.

We are delighted to confirm that Eden Project Co-Founder, Sir Tim Smit will be our keynote speaker. The Edge Foundation have nurtured a strong relationship with the Eden Project through historic grant fund projects. We align on the core belief that experiential learning or learning by doing is a vital component to a broad and balanced curriculum.

Sir Tim Smit will be speaking in memory of well-known educationalist, Sir Ken Robinson who served on the board of Eden and died earlier this year. He will share his thoughts on the education system, connecting learning to the environment and how we can develop a generation that values know how as well as knowledge. He will talk about Eden’s learning initiatives in Cornwall and their plans for Morecambe.

You can book your place at the event here.

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