Stop “the drop”

America’s gun problem is highly reported on and has amplified massively after another tragic school shooting. However, the UK has its own problems.

Ours come in the form of knives. Data from 32 forces in England and Wales shows that 2,579 weapons were seized at schools between April 2015 and the beginning of 2017.

Every morning, somewhere in the UK, a child will walk into a playground concealing a knife or other weapon – including prison-style “shanks” made by fixing razor blades into felt-tipped pens.

Worryingly, children as young as four are being caught in school armed with knives and other lethal weapons.

It is not unusual for teenagers in London to be excluded from school for possession of a knife. In many cases, boys have armed themselves after receiving what is known in playground whispers as “the drop”: a threat from a rival group, communicated over social media.

This month has seen debates in the House of Commons on the UKs approach to teaching sex and relationship education.

I personally feel that we need the same approach to educate our young people on knife crime and the implications of carrying a knife.

What will be done to protect our young people and stop this growing problem which saw two young men stabbed in Camden, north-west London, on Tuesday evening?

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