Your Dex is on fire

I’m proud of what I’ve achieved as an apprentice and am excited to be supporting the government’s new ‘FireItUp’ campaign, launching today (17 January 2019). 

The campaign is all about showcasing across the country people like me and the difference we make to our workplace, whilst illustrating the range of opportunities available to everyone – from school leavers to re-trainers!

So how did I blaze my trail and get fired up to take an apprenticeship?

I had volunteered or worked from the age of 14 and had always enjoyed the work environment. Stuck in sixth form, I was struggling and demotivated so thought an apprenticeship would be a good choice for me. The problem was that I wasn’t too sure what I actually wanted do, for what could be, the rest of my working life. 

So I searched endlessly for different apprenticeships and I finally decided on digital marketing. I like social interaction, I’d enjoyed working in the retail environment and I loved technology and social media. How many more boxes did it need to tick?

In February 2017 I was lucky enough to be offered a digital marketing apprentice role with the Edge Foundation. My Level 3 took me 12 months and on completion, I was offered a fulltime role as a Marketing and Digital Communications Executive. 

So what are the benefits?

The benefits for an apprentice are endless, such as earning whilst learning, gaining valuable experience in the work place, gaining nationally recognised qualifications from level 2 through to level 7 (a master’s degree), avoiding debt, becoming an essential part of a team and, most importantly, you have a very good chance of securing a job once you’ve completed your apprenticeship; 88% of apprentices continue in employment after their apprenticeship (from latest available data - 2015/16).

Myth Buster: Apprentices aren’t paid a lot. 

False. A Level 5 apprentice earns more two years after completing an apprenticeship than a graduate earns five years after finishing university. They also have no debt and have been paid throughout their apprenticeship.

As for employers, they get a fresh injection of talent - keen, inquisitive and bursting with new ideas. They can coach and mentor their apprentices and ensure their training meets their organisation’s needs. Employers clearly value their apprentices as 83% of apprenticeship employers say would recommend apprentices to other businesses.

How do I know that an apprenticeship is the right option for me?

Apprenticeships are for those who have the spirit to blaze their own trail. If you have a burning passion to start work whilst training, or have found the career that you want to pursue, an apprenticeship could be the way to go.

There are now apprenticeships in a huge range of professions such as engineering, agriculture, fashion, food, armed forces – if you can think of it, there’s probably an apprenticeship available.  

I’m interested – what next?

Take a look at the opportunities on offer: You can also use the Government’s Find an Apprenticeship website to follow your passion and blaze your own trail with apprenticeships.


Fire It Up

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