Edge comment on the Augar review of post-18 education and funding

The independent panel, led by Philip Augar, has today (30 May) published its findings and recommendations for the Government’s review of post-18 education and funding in England. 

Edge CEO, Alice Barnard, commented:

‘There is an awful lot in this report which Edge is delighted to support particularly reversing the decline in funding for the further education sector and putting colleges back at the heart of our communities. We also welcome the panel’s recommendations to prioritise improving the quality of apprenticeships, over the government’s fixation with quantity.

‘The judgements on higher education included in the report echo our own research which found that many graduates feel their degree was poor value for money, and highlights the need for a diverse and forward-thinking HE sector.

‘Of course it remains to be seen whether these recommendations will be put into practice; we should be mindful that these measures in isolation from school education are unlikely to have their full potential impact. We continue to see schools struggle to offer the quality careers guidance young people need to help them make informed choices about their future, whether that’s FE, an apprenticeship, work or higher education.’