Inspiring Hospitality Careers - A day at the Dorchester

The Dorchester Hotel were delighted to host one of a series of Careers CPD Conferences as part of the Inspiring Hospitality Careers project led by the Edge Hotel School and funded by the Edge Foundation and offered an opportunity that was too good to miss for a group of teachers and career advisers.

The day started with an introduction to My Hospitality Life – an initiative to shine a spotlight on the hospitality industry and the myriad of hidden careers available. Emma Jayne, Director of People and Culture for the Dorchester Group spoke about the hospitality industry. Emma emphasised that the industry’s reputation for being low pay and long hours and dealing with “shout-y chefs” was not at all like the reality of an industry offering exciting, customer facing roles with flexible working, excellent pay and conditions, amazing career progression opportunities as well as international travel and a career for life. Emma also highlighted the variety of entry points to the industry from entry level school leaver to graduate trainee programmes.

Maddie Eisenstadt then shared some labour market information and spoke about the sustained growth in the hospitality industry. It was essential to raise awareness of the hospitality industry as a career option for young people as the sector needs over 1.3 million more employees by 2024. Maddie drew special attention to the suite of careers resources created by Inspiring Hospitality Careers which were available free of charge to teachers and careers advisers - the most popular being a series of games which young people can play to experience the challenges of running a hotel, putting on an event or operating an eco-sustainable hospitality business. After having an opportunity to play the Hotel Game, all attendees agreed they could see how the resources could facilitate a great careers session.

After a jaw-dropping tour of the Dorchester in all its Christmas finery, everyone regrouped for a Q&A session with a panel of Dorchester Hotel employees – including Emily Nugent, an EHS graduate. The employees spoke about their career paths, answering the many questions thrown at them by the teachers and careers advisers, and unanimously agreeing that the hospitality industry was a great sector for a wide range of careers.

If you would like to find out more about Inspiring Hospitality Careers, request a visit from Maddie or a demonstration of the careers resources available contact Maddie Eisenstadt at  

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