Sauro aims to open a “vibe dining” establishment in 10 years’ time

With a family background in hospitality and experience of growing up in Manhattan, Milan and London, 20-year old Sauro Stefanini already embodies the global nature of the hospitality industry.

Growing up, Sauro helped out in his father’s restaurants, prompting an interest in a hospitality career of his own. Having carried out a good deal of research, Sauro opted for the Edge Hotel School (EHS) on the basis of the benefits of the accelerated two year course and the unique mixture of theoretical knowledge and applying practical skills. As he says “there is only so much I can learn from a textbook and in this industry it is vital to apply your knowledge in the field”.

Believing the Edge Hotel School’s approach to practical education was second to none, Sauro quickly decided that this was the course to give him a head start to a career in the hospitality industry. “I’ve had a great experience so far; the tutors are approachable and friendly; and whilst the hotel shifts were daunting at first, they really help you learn by exposing you to real customers and challenges.”

After only three and half months on the Events Management with Hospitality BA course, Sauro acknowledges that EHS has already taught him some important lessons, “it is important to use your initiative to complete tasks to the best of your ability especially in a time pressured situation and secondly, be confident in your ability”. From day one, the course and the lecturers have helped him to develop professional skills in dealing with customers, working in a team and keeping to a schedule. “Everything I learn here will be directly applicable to my work in the future” Sauro stresses.

And what does that future hold?

Well, Sauro is already focussed on working in the food and beverage sector – aiming to develop his interest in fine wines by becoming a certified sommelier. But not content with that, Sauro can see himself opening a “vibe dining” establishment in a major city within ten years’ – although where exactly this globe-trotting young man will settle is yet to be decided!