Tomas Parry - ‘In the hospitality industry, I think practical experience is crucial.’

Growing up in the English Riviera resort of Torquay, it’s perhaps not surprising that 18-year old Tomas Parry decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in hotel management. Tomas’s first job was working as a concierge at the Salcombe Harbour Hotel, where his dad is general manager, and it certainly gave him a taste for the excitement and challenges of the hospitality sector.

When it came to choosing a university, Tomas was drawn to the practical, hands-on experience offered by the Edge Hotel School (EHS). Alongside their studies, EHS students work at the four-star Wivenhoe House Hotel.

‘I have always enjoyed myself more when working practically as opposed to learning from a book or on a screen…this degree allow me to learn whilst working and also to learn the more academic aspects at the same time.’

He was also impressed by the reputation of the EHS within the hospitality industry as it is so highly regarded amongst industry professionals. Although only three months in, Tomas is enjoying all aspects of the course, from the lectures which he describes as ‘interesting and informative’ and ‘relevant’, to the practical experience he says is ‘crucial’. 

Tomas’s ambition is to become the general manager of an individual hotel where he feels experiencing all aspects of the business will be cruicial. He says.

‘I don’t ever want a member of staff to be able to say, ‘You haven’t done it, you don’t know how hard it is’, if I was to ask them to do a task.’