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Hornsey School for Girls Career Footsteps event

Edge recently held a Career Footsteps event at Hornsey School for Girls. It is great to see the student feedback from the events.

“On Monday the 27th of November the school organised an event for all of the year 9’s to help them think about what they would like to be in the future. Lots of people from different jobs came in to talk to all the students about what they do as individuals and students asked them questions. After the event lots of students had different ideas about what they wanted to do and what they need to do to achieve it. The school is trying to help all of students reach their dreams and goals for the future. This was a very helpful way for the students to start considering the future and theer will be more opportunities for our students so they can think more creatively about future progression 

“I found the programme really interesting and helped me think about what jobs I want to do in the future”


“I found it helpful because it gives me more knowledge about the jobs available to me and what I need to achieve to get there”


“Even though I had my job planned out I know now that there are multiples jobs out there that are suitable for me. I am glad that the school has done this programme as the people are great inspirations to me and my friends”


“I found this programme interesting because it showed me what others do for a living and how much they earn. It helped me think about the job that I want to do”


My experience at the careers event

The careers event helped me last Monday. It showed me many different careers that I never knew existed! It opened my mindset a lot more because I had my mind set on one thing and that was to work for a company like google and be a coder but after the careers event I have seen that there are many more opportunities to do with what I want to do than I thought. I really enjoyed the event because it was very interesting and I found it helpful with singling out some GCSE options for me. Lastly, It took a lot of stress of the thought of choosing my options because some of the people motivated me to go with what I love and enjoy instead of what’s going to get me the richest because if you think about it, after education we will be working for 50-60 years so I might as well do something I enjoy and will be happy in instead of being miserable for a majority of my life.


The person that inspired me most is Hannah, she worked two jobs what impressed me most is that she does makeup and special effects.

This is because it might be very difficult to manage two jobs at the same time; this proves that anyone can manage two jobs if they put their mind to it and work hard.

What she does at NHS Is that she programmes all the technology in the hospital this relates to her other job special effects, she especially does horror movies.

Her salary was not as much as other people we spoke too but she owns her own company, she said do no not pick the job because of the money, pick the job because you love and desire it which is something I have taken that on board.


On Monday I spoke to an amazing young lady called Aaliyah who is a project manager, installing lifts in the TFL undergrounds. She has successfully installed the new Victoria Station which is so talented. She had a Building case book which she calls her bible. Her salary is really good and she`s her own manager .Overall I think that Aaliyah is an inspiring woman to me because she is young and has a good job.


The wonderful lady that I spoke to on Monday was a woman called Gabby. She works at home office helping sorting out crimes and police reports (terrorists’ attacks).  To me and others I thought that she was really inspiring because not many women are accepted into a police role/job. Out of all the others she was my favourite because not only being a female police worker she balances a daughter. The advice she told me was to think about what I want to be when I grow up, I took this advice had because I’m still young and I have a lot to think about. She also told me that she gets £3,000 per month so overall I think around £54,000 per year.

So overall, I think that Gabby is influential to me because she’s a beautiful, young and independent woman with a good, sturdy job and a young child.

- Lekeisha