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Hungerhill School recently spent the day at two careers events

Year 8 pupils at Hungerhill School in Doncaster were given a day off timetable recently.  Instead of their normal lessons, 280  students spent the day at two careers events: one a course taster session run by North Lindsey College, and the other a careers exploration event hosted by the Doncaster Skills Academy.

The excited students all had a chance to meet a range of employers to find out about job opportunities available in the area and what qualifications and characteristics were needed to be successful.

Laura, the Participation Manager from the CAST Theatre in Doncaster talked about jobs in the theatre.  She explained that the theatre isn’t just about actors, but includes front of house roles, technical back-stage roles and jobs engaging the local community with the work of the theatre.  An innovative re-working of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, encouraged the students to get some hands on experience of how a simple story can engage with their modern day community.

Next door, Tim and Nicola from South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service were stunning the Hungerhill pupils by listing out all the career opportunities available within their organisation.  There’s a lot more to the Fire Brigade then putting out fires and rescuing cats – even if the cats might be big cats from the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  Students interested in accounting, computer coding and being a chef discovered there were careers options for them in their local Fire & Rescue service.  They didn’t have to wait to get involved, being asked to design a recruitment banner for the Fire Cadets service.

Further along the corridor, a man known only as Ray talked about life as a Private Investigator for Greymen Security Solutions.  Budding Sherlock Holmes’ learnt about how they could be carrying out covert surveillance, combating fraud and carrying out private investigations. Students also got a useful life lesson about how employers check out potential employees through their social media activity. These year 8 pupils will definitely be more cyber security conscious in the future.

Doncaster Skills Academy (DSA) is an initiative from Doncaster Chamber of Commerce working with Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, supported by a grant from the Edge Foundation.  DSA work with schools across the Doncaster area to help them deliver meaningful careers education, information, advice and guidance.  They offer a bespoke service to schools and are able to call on a wide range of local employers to introduce young people to the huge range of career opportunities available to them.

DSA work closely with their employer partners to support them in the delivery of careers events providing introductions to school staff, resources and “train the trainer” programmes so employers are prepared and confident going into schools – and schools are reassured that their careers education requirements are being met.