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St Helens Chamber inspiring educators

St Helens Chamber was awarded grant funding from the Edge Foundation to deliver a project to inspire educators within schools about the local growth sector companies and the careers available to young people within those sectors. St Helens Chamber and Wirral Chamber worked together to deliver the project to schools in St Helens, Widnes, Runcorn and The Wirral between September 2017 and March 2018.

The visit to Zut Media in February gave Teachers, Careers Advisers and a Head Teacher the opportunity to find out more about working in a fast paced advertising and video production company. Zut Media currently produce video advertisements for some well-known organisations including Liverpool Football Club, Everton Football Club, Betfred, The Jockey Club and Adidas, and  were able to share their knowledge of scripting, photographing, animating and editing productions. Teachers met a number of young members of staff who explained how they had got into the advertising world, whether through university or an apprenticeship, and the range of skills they had developed. Mangers also described the personal attributes they required from young people like communication skills, interest in their work, ability to work hard and as a team which were just as important if not more so, than academic qualifications.

Teachers found the event highly informative and commented that ‘ I now understand the vast range of skills needed for the various career paths’ and a lady who was trying to teach video production and digital marketing commented that ‘I can now understand what I need to teach’.

A staff member at Zut Media commented; “Everyone at Zut really enjoyed having the teachers in, describing to them how our business works. We pride ourselves in providing an environment that allows young people to learn and thrive. Hopefully, everyone found their time with us very productive”.

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