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Edge Hotel School students benefit from a masterclass from Sir Garry Hawkes

The Edge Hotel School prides itself on its industry engaged education so a group of level 6 students were delighted to have the benefit of a masterclass from Sir Garry Hawkes, hospitality industry grandee and Trustee of the Edge Foundation.

Sir Garry spoke to the students about his life and career in the hospitality industry, from catering college in Huddersfield, working with the Forte family at Trusthouse Forte right up to being Chairman of Gardner Merchant, the UK’s leading contract caterer at that time.

Sir Garry shared his thoughts on the essential skills for hospitality management, drawing on his own experience to stress the importance of communication and putting staff at the centre of the business. 

The students were particularly interested in Sir Garry’s later interest in education and specifically the importance of hands on technical education.  It was this interest which lead Garry to first set up the Edge Foundation and then to champion Edge’s founding of the Edge Hotel School, in partnership with the University of Essex.

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