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Edge Hotel School students perfect roasties

Everyone has different ways of cooking the beloved roast potato. To many it’s the make or break of a good roast dinner. The art of the roastie is one that everyone needs to master and the Edge Hotel School has our backs covered.

Receiving coverage across the UK in the likes of the Sun, The Independent, the BBC, the Daily Mail, The Times and most recently on ITV This Morning some may regard this new cutting technique as the famous ‘Edge cut’.

The Edge Hotel School students consulted with maths experts at the Samuel Whitbread School in Shefford to figure out the best way to cut potatoes so that there would be a greater surface area to crisp up at the roasting stage.

They figured that, instead of the traditional halving and quartering of potatoes at 90-degree angles, they should slice the spud into four pieces at 30-degree angles, expanding the potato’s surface area by 65% as a result.

The ‘edge cut’ is tastier, crunchier and looks better than the traditional cut which has long been touted by chefs such as Heston Blumenthal, the students found.

The students went on live TV to share their new genius method, with student Ross Hastings picking up to the utensils to show off his culinary abilities, getting the perfect 30 degree angle.

Given the high standards of the Edge Hotel School and their extraordinary students I can only foresee a short wait until their next project begins! Let’s hope they have some other tips to help us.