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Beth Hawkins

Bethany is 23 and in the last year of a four year technical apprenticeship at Renishaw Engineering. Although the pressure was on at school to go to university, Bethany wasn’t convinced that was the right path for her and so she took a year out to think about what she wanted to do instead of rushing into a decision.

Bethany spent her year working at Renishaw and that’s where she first learnt about apprenticeships; before then she had just assumed they weren’t an option, she was bright and so all the careers advice she received pointed to higher education. At the end of her four year apprenticeship Bethany will have earned an HNC in mechanical engineering and she’s never been more convinced it was the right decision to make. 

Last year Bethany and her boyfriend, also a former apprentice, bought their first house, something her recently graduated friends can only dream of at the moment. As for life post-apprenticeship, Bethany wants to focus on production engineering.

‘University isn’t right for a lot of people and it’s an expensive mistake to make but unfortunately you just don’t hear about the other options out there. I’m really glad I took some time over making my decision rather than rushing along with what everyone else expected.’