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Leigh Morris

‘I love my job because I get to inspire people to develop their careers in some fantastic land based vocations - enabling them to have wonderful lives and a positive impact on our planet’

Leigh Morris went to an all-boys grammar school in York where his active, kinaesthetic learning style wasn’t catered for. When he left school he found he didn’t have a clear direction to head in so took some time out. It was during this time that he spoke to a careers adviser who persuaded him to enrol on a training scheme at Askham Bryan College (ABC). After three years on a large field-grown-tree nursery Leigh decided to go back into full time education and took up a National Certificate in Horticulture at ABC.

It was a transformative twelve months and at the end of it Leigh was awarded the prize for Best Practical Student. Inspired by his own success and keen to keep learning and developing Leigh moved to Pershore College where he completed a National Diploma in Horticulture. Leigh graduated with a multitude of awards and took up a position managing the college’s commercial plant nursery while completing an HND part-time. 

After eight years Leigh moved to the Welsh College of Horticulture as a lecturer, after a few more promotions, an MSc and some international study trips Leigh joined the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. In 2014 he moved across the city to join the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.

Today, Leigh starts his dream job as the first CEO of the National Land Based College, bringing together all his skills and experiences to make a great impact on the future of UK land based vocational education.

‘My own experiences showed the importance of recognising young people’s talents, ambitions and learning styles. We need to be encouraging young people to take up the path best suited for them and that’s why I’m so excited about my new role at the National Land Based College and so supportive of Edge’s Career Footsteps initiative.’