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When she was young, Sophy’s family were keen on go kart racing – but she was more interested in keeping the vehicles running. Today she’s a Welding Technician and works on the vehicles that keep the construction industry moving.

Her enthusiasm for maths and science was obvious to everyone at the school she attended.

‘I was encouraged to stay behind afterwards and do an extra BTEC in STEM. They actually paid for me to do it.’

On leaving school she became an apprentice at Hydram and studied mechanical engineering. Two years later she was accepted full time and now works mainly on metal active gas (MAG) welding procedures for yellow goods companies such as Caterpillar, Komatsu and JCB.

Sophy loves the work and thinks others would too, though it’s not for everyone.

‘My friends think I’m weird. They’re all in offices doing business admin, but that doesn’t appeal to me too much.’

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