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Rotherham College's Media Hair and Make-up course

Rotherham College of Arts and Technology won the 2015/2016 Edge sponsored AoC Beacon Award for Excellence in Practical Teaching and Practical Learning.

Rotherham College’s ground breaking partnership between its Media Hair and Make-up course and the Clinical Simulation Department at the local NHS hospital provides students with a unique experience. As part of the course, students research and create moulage effects simulating symptoms of illnesses and injuries which are used on state of the art manikins within NHS training and medical diagnostic sessions. Working alongside a wide range of healthcare professionals as well as highly experienced college staff, students learn from experts, operating to high professional standards in real world environments.

As a result, the Media Hair and Make-up students have skills, knowledge and real experience on their CVs. They also gain the confidence and employability skills to help them progress to meaningful careers or further study.

The initiative is truly unique and has the potential to be a beacon of best practice in the UK and further afield.