About us

Edge is the independent education charity dedicated to shaping the future of education in the UK. We believe a coherent, unified and holistic education system can support social equity and enable all young people to fulfil their potential.

Edge’s research shows that a broad and balanced curriculum, including creative and technical subjects, rich employer engagement, teacher autonomy and interactive pedagogy, can help to bring learning alive and prepare students for more than just a set of exams.

We believe we need a revolution in our classrooms to ensure young people take away more from their education than just grades, and have the skills our digital economy demands for the 21st century and beyond.

Our plan for education

  • Create a broad, balanced and relevant 14-19 curriculum
  • Make school work relevant to the workplace; get employers involved
  • Give teachers more support and freedom; encourage collaboration between institutions to share best practice and resource
  • More high quality apprenticeships for young people to help them earn and learn
  • Ensuring a flexible, dynamic and value for money higher education system that helps prepare young people for the real world

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